I have brothers?


And at once I knew I was not magnificent.

Dean Winchester Graphic Challenge

astrocas (haelwings) vs. archangeldean

↪ prompt: Holocene by Bon Iver


{ soulless sam alphabet. }

—Supernatural Season 8 Finale: Tonight.

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My name is Sam Winchester. That’s my brother Dean. We kill vampires, and werewolves, and demons, and - basically, we chase down evil and we cut its head off.

Sam Winchester + hunter in season 9 (of 9)

misha being an adorable dork - x

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Misha Collins Birthday Gift Fundraiser




Misha Collins’ 40th birthday is rapidly approaching, and what better gift could there be than a giant donation to his charity, Random Acts? Since his birthday is only a few days before the Supernatural convention in Vancouver, he will be presented with a record of how much money was raised in his name as a (slightly) belated birthday gift, to show him how much we all appreciate everything he does for the world.  

I know most of my dumplings love and admire him just as much as I do, and if each one of you donated…hang on, I have to do some math…just 30 CENTS we could knock my estimated goal right out of the water.  Please visit my crowdrise page and give what you can; just imagine the smile on his face.  

We can do this, guys! Let’s make this his best birthday yet!

(For every one of you who donates, please drop me a line so I can keep a record, and send you a proper thank you!)

edit: the minimum donation on the Crowdrise site is $10, but if anyone would like to participate and can’t afford that, talk to me and we can work something out :)

You amazing people have already surpassed my initial goal, but who’s to say we can’t shoot for an even higher one? Let’s keep it going!


team free will

— the righteous man, an angel of the lord, the boy king

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